Midseason grades for every Seattle Seahawks 2023 free agent signing

  • One returning player has been great
  • Some money appears to have been wasted this past offseason
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The Seattle Seahawks are 6-3 and some of the players they signed this past offseason who had played 2022 with other teams have had solid impacts. Many of the others, though, haven't done so well. In fact, the player that was given the most money hasn't performed as well as expected.

The great thing about grading free agents halfway through a season is that the players with bad grades can still get better. The toughest part of Seattle's schedule lies ahead on those players are going to have to be good for Seattle to have a chance at the playoffs.

The grades that follow do not include players who were with Seattle in 2022. We already knew kind of what to expect from those guys. But how are the players Seattle signed from other teams doing?

Seattle Seahawks incompletes

Nose tackle Austin Faoliu

Faoliu hasn't really gotten a chance to show what he can do in the NFL and he won't get a chance with the Seahawks either. After getting injured in camp, Faoliu started on injured reserve before being activated. Soon after that, Seattle released him.

Linebacker Devin Bush

Bush is a bit of a mystery. I could give him an F grade as he has done almost nothing for the team in 2023. He appears to have been a healthy scratch for at least three games. It is one thing to have linebacker Jordyn Brooks come back faster than expected and dash any hopes Bush had of starting for Seattle this year, but the team appears to not even see Bush worthy of playing much on special teams.

Seattle signed Bush this past offseason to a one-year deal that will pay Bush $3.5 million. That has been wasted money so far. Maybe Bush will somehow make an impact before the year is done.