Mike Vrabel would be the perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle parted ways with former head coach Pete Carroll nearly two weeks ago.
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As the 12s continue to process the end of the Pete Carroll era, general manager and new czar of the Seattle Seahawks John Schneider is hard at work. Over the past week, Schneider has cast as wide of a net as we've seen in the league, as he looks for his new partner in crime.

This year is as unique of a coaching carousel as I can remember. You have legends such as Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh, looking for one last shot at glory. You have young coordinators in Ben Johnson, Mike MacDonald, and Bobby Slowik who have been fantastic this year but are about as green as you can get in terms of experience. You have defensive former head coaches in Dan Quinn and Raheem Morris who have their pros and very clear cons.

One name that has recently, and aggressively popped up as a possible hire is former Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel. Adam Schefter, Dan Graziano, and Peter King, all nationally respected insiders, both reported recently that Vrabel to Seattle was real, and that Vrabel and Schneider were actually close.

Mike Vrabel would bring head coaching experience to the Seahawks

Seattle Times columnist Bob Condotta recently wrote who he thought was the favorite, and he put Mike Vrabel at the top of his list of most likely to get the job.

On the outside, this feels like an odd fit and not one looking to the future, but after a deep dive, I believe Mike Vrabel could and should be at the top of Schneider’s list.