Mike Vrabel would be the perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle parted ways with former head coach Pete Carroll nearly two weeks ago.
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Who is Mike Vrabel?

On the outside, Mike Vrabel comes across as an intense dude that looks angry and pissed off all the time, and to be honest, that's kinda true.

Vrabel is 48 years old, and a beloved son of Ohio where he was an All-American for the Buckeyes. After being mostly a role player early on in his career in Pittsburgh, Vrabel signed as a free agent with Bill Belichick and New England and the rest is history.

A historic figure of the Patriot dynasty, Vrabel became an All-Pro caliber outside linebacker for the Patriots, winning three Super Bowls (catching touchdowns in two of those wins), and finished 5th in defensive player of the year voting on the nearly perfect 2007 Patriots squad. After a couple of productive years in Kansas City, Vrabel retired in 2010.

After his retirement, Vrabel began his coaching journey back at Ohio State, working with the defensive line and linebackers. In 2014, Vrabel made the jump to the NFL, joining the Houston Texans in a similar role. After helping coach the Texans to top 7 defenses and division titles in both 2015 and 2016, Vrabel was promoted to defensive coordinator in 2017.

 After rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL early in 2017, the Texans season tanked, and Vrabel’s defense actually finished last in the league in terms of points allowed. Despite the disappointing season, Vrabel was still viewed as a rising star. In 2018, Vrabel was hired by AFC South rival Tennessee Titans to become their head coach.