Newest Seahawks linebacker picks worst time to be out of phone service

Phone calls to picks are always fun, but this one went a bit off the rails.
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One can never be too sure how phone calls to NFL draft picks are going to go. Some are overly emotional, some are calm, and some are incredibly loud. A player has been hoping for most of their lives to be an NFL player and they learn on the phone call that they are about to be one. Listening to these calls from the Seattle Seahawks to their draft picks is likely must must-listen for 12s.

Seattle ended up with eight picks in the 2024 NFL draft. One player, Mike Jerrell, seemed in disbelief that Seattle was going to take him. The happiness in his voice will certainly brighten a dark day.

But linebacker Tyrice Knight, who Seattle chose in round four and 118 overall, may have just wanted to get away from the draft and the stress of if or when he might be chosen because when general manager John Schneider called to say the Seahawks were about to choose Knight, no one was home. Literally.

Tyrice Knight does not answer the Seattle Seahawks' call

Schneider tries calling Knight and the phone just rings. The GM then mentions maybe calling Knight's agent. Finally, the team and the player connect but even then the player's dream moment seems worse than Darrell Taylor trying to attempt to stop the run. Knight seemingly cannot hear Schneider talking to him.

That might not be the impression the player wants to make on what for all intents and purposes is his first day on the job. Knight later tweeted he was in the "middle of nowhere" and did not have cell reception. That seems odd as most players might have been sitting around their houses for three straight days waiting to see if an NFL team would call them.

No matter because it is what Knight does from this point forward, of course. The nearly 6'1" and 233-pound linebacker has pretty good athleticism and solid strength, but his instincts seem to be lacking on the field (and possibly off it as well if the player cannot sit around for a few days waiting for a draft pick call). He isn't going to start right away unless Tyrel Dodson and Jerome Baker get hurt.

Still, clearly, the Seahawks see him as a fit in Mike Macdonald's defense or they would not have chosen him. He tackles really well and might be good in coverage. Once he has an opponent in his grasp, he won't let go until the runner is on the ground. Knight should be able to answer the call for being a solid backup in his rookie season.

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