Seahawks O-line coach Scott Huff clearly not ready for prime time moment

Seattle chose guard Christian Haynes in the third round.
Donald Page/GettyImages

Hearing the calls that the Seattle Seahawks make to their new draft picks is always fun. Some players, such as DK Metcalf, get emotional. Some players are clearly just happy to be picked. Watching the calls to the picks when former head coach Pete Carroll was in charge was amazing as Carroll's personality was made for those kinds of moments.

New Seahawks offensive line coach Scott Huff, however? Not so much.

Not that Huff's job will be reviewed based on how much of a rapport he can build with a player in a 30-second phone call, of course. Whether his offensive line can open holes for running backs and protect Seattle's quarterbacks is much more important. Huff also comes across as a genial person who would be easy to have a conversation with.

Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Scott Huff might not be great with the small talk

But practicing phone calls with draft picks is apparently something Huff has never had to do. In the third round of the 2024 NFL draft, Seattle chose UConn guard Christian Haynes. Haynes could even be a Week 1 starter for Seattle. He has a ton of starting experience in college and a mean streak. Plus, the Seahawks have a great need still along its offensive line.

Haynes also seems like a very polite person. When Seattle called to tell him he was about to be chosen, he constantly said, "Yes, sir." It was Huff who was not yet ready. The conversation went like this:

Huff: "Christian."

Haynes: "Coach, Huff, how are you doing?"

Huff: "I'm good, man. How are you?"

Haynes: "I'm great."

Huff: "That's awesome."

Huff sounded as if he was making small talk with a friend of a friend and wasn't good with small talk. He topped all that with his next question, however: "What did you have for dinner tonight?" I mean, what?

Maybe that kind of question is an in-joke between the Seahawks' staff as there was lots of laughter, or maybe people were just laughing from the uncomfortableness of it all.

Haynes took it in stride, though, and had a perfect answer which in part was, "Salmon." Not much more screams Pacific Northwest than salmon, right? Haynes is ready to be a Seahawk already.

Huff is likely ready to coach Haynes well and make the overall offensive line better, too. One should not judge how he sounded with Haynes, which admittedly, was at least pleasant with a lot of awkwardness. Huff doing his job well is the most important thing.

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