NFL analyst's NFC West theory should worry Seattle Seahawks fans

Seattle will not be picked to win the NFC West in 2024, but if one analyst is correct where the team might finish is a concern.
Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

12s hope - and likely correctly assume - that what most national pundits are predicting the Seattle Seahawks to do will be wrong. The over/under from a lot of betting sites puts Seattle's win-loss record at something close to 7-10. This would be two games worse than the previous two seasons.

Either Pete Carroll was better than most national talking heads would like to admit or they have little faith in Mike Macdonald. There isn't a ton of roster changeover except at inside linebacker and a bit at safety (both positions should be better in Macdonald's system). If pundits think Seattle is going to be worse it's because Carroll is not involved seems to be the bottom line.

A recent article by FanSided's Sayre Bedinger implies that Seattle could fall to worst in the NFC West in 2024. Bedinger does not specifically say this, but it is what he doesn't say that is more telling. He writes about teams that could go from worst to first in their divisions this season compared to last. The Arizona Cardinals were last in Seattle's division last year, and while the Cardinals aren't going to win the division they might not finish last either.

Seahawks could be in a battle with the Arizona Cardinals for third place in the NFC West

In 2024, Seattle finished third in the division behind the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers were expected to be good and they were. Los Angeles was not supposed to come close to a playoff spot, but they did make the postseason and were helped by Rams coach Sean McVay continuing to own Pete Carroll. One reason Carroll is no longer the Seahawks' head coach is that he could not beat the Rams consistently.

Arizona was expected to be bad last year and their record reflected that. The Cardinals were a much tougher task to beat than people anticipated, though. To be fair, the Seahawks probably should have lost to Arizona in the final game. Even though Seattle was theoretically still in the playoff hunt in Week 18, Seattle found themselves down 20-13 with two minutes left in the game.

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Arizona also played half the season without starting quarterback Kyler Murray and went 3-5 once he returned. A full season with Murray and the coaching staff being in their second season with the team should mean a better record for the Cardinals. Seattle is likely chasing the 49ers and Rams in 2024, but a more cohesive Arizona team could mean the Seahawks are chasing them as well.

If Bedinger is correct and the Cardinals are not one of the teams least likely to go from worst to first, that implies Arizona is better but not yet a contender. Seattle is likely to battling with the Cards for third in the NFC West. The Seahawks don't want to end up in last place in the division in Macdonald's first season as the team's head coach. Pete Carroll could probably do better than that next year.

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