Proposed trade has Seahawks kicking fan-favorite to the curb with great effect

Seattle needs to build for the future and one proposed three-way trade has them doing just that tinged with a bit of sadness.
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Most offseason proposed trades in the NFL can be a bit silly. People are looking for things to write about. At least at this point of the offseason - the Seattle Seahawks begin training camp in late July - there is less time to post articles about the offseason, and maybe some of the proposed moves are a bit more logical.

Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox recently published an article that goes well beyond the one-for-one trade ideas that many pundits produce. Knox gives us scenarios for teams completing three-way moves and his ideas are not too far out of reach. In the case of the Seahawks, he might have produced an offer that helps the team quite a bit for future seasons.

The problem for 12s is that the trade would involve Tyler Lockett leaving the team. Before anyone gets too upset, the move makes sense financially. Has Lockett been one of the best receivers in Seattle's history? Definitely? Is he near the end of his career? Also, definitely.

Proposed three-way trade means Seahawks would lose Tyler Lockett but pick up young talent

Knox's idea is for Seattle to ship Lockett to the Cincinnati Bengals along with a 2025 fourth-round draft pick. The Jacksonville Jaguars would get Tee Higgins from Cincinnati as well as a Seattle second-round choice. Seattle would get edge rusher Travon Walker and cornerback Ronald Darby from the Jaguars.

In essence, the Seahawks would give up Lockett, a second-round and fifth-round choice in 2025 for Walker and Darby. That seems like too much except that Walker had 10 sacks in 2023 and is under team control for two more years. Darby played for new Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald in Baltimore last season so Macdonald would know how best to use Darby.

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The cornerback started seven games for the Ravens in 2023, but he had a quarterback rating allowed of just 63.3. In 2022 with the Denver Broncos, Darby had a QBR allowed of only 69.9. He is a good player and could start opposite Riq Woolen at one outside corner spot for one year.

Financially, the move doesn't save Seattle any money this year. This would be a trade in hopes that Walker will be an impact player in 2024 and 2025 while Darby is a positive for this season only. In 2025, the move would save the Seahawks something close to $15 million if Walker doesn't work out and Darby is released. If Walker does well this year, though, Seattle would still save as much as $6 million while still having the edge rusher through 2025 at least.

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