The latest Seattle Seahawks and DK Metcalf rumor is straight nonsense

Seattle moving on from Metcalf now makes little sense.
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Benjamin Allbright might - might - know the NFL really well. Maybe he has inside sources and those sources whisper league rumblings to him. What seems odd is that the host of a Denver sports radio program, which is what Allbright is, would know more about any potential Seattle Seahawks move involving DK Metcalf than would people such as Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport.

This must be an easy time for Denver-area sports programs to comment on the Pittsburgh Steelers because former Seahawks quarterback, and now former Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson was released by Denver and signed by the Steelers. Denver did not like Wilson and talking about NFL quarterbacks is fun. Maybe Wilson will be good in Pittsburgh if he gets overall better receivers.

This must be why Allbright began tweeting about receivers that could potentially be traded to the Steelers. One of the receivers tweeted about was Metcalf. Allbright even said Pittsburgh "called about DK, I don't believe a trade would get done there until after June first (if one got done at all)."

Rumor of Seahawks trading DK Metcalf to the Steelers doesn't make much sense

No offense to Allbright, but that seems somewhat ridiculous. Seattle general manager John Schneider might have somewhere in the recesses of his mind thought of trading Metcalf prior to the draft as long as what Metcalf would bring back would be a massive haul. The smart move would have been not trading Metcalf at all, and, thankfully, Seattle didn't.

The prospect of trading Metcalf after June 1st is even more silly, though. Yes, Seattle would save $17 million against the cap, but for what means? What could the Steelers possibly give the Seahawks at any point between now and the 2025 NFL draft that would make the trade worthwhile?

A draft pick or several picks? If Seattle accepted that the Seahawks would then go through an entire season with no Metcalf and no attributes from trading him. That is illogical.

Plus, good players get paid good money. Metcalf has a cap number of $24.5 million in 2024 because he is a very good player and has become inarguably the Seahawks' best receiver. Last season, Metcalf in receiving yards (1,114), touchdown receptions (8), and yards per reception (16.9). He is also still only 26 years old. He should not be traded no matter how much he is making.

One might make a guess that Allbright was just reaching for a name or names of receivers Pittsburgh might trade for. Metcalf made some sense as he used to play with Russell Wilson. But practically speaking, the Seahawks trading Metcalf at all, but especially Pittsburgh, is illogical.

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