NFL executive insults Seahawks for how Seattle might handle Sam Howell

Seattle traded for the quarterback earlier this offseason.
Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks traded for quarterback Sam Howell this offseason to give Seattle depth at the position and likely make the need to take a quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft moot. Howell and presumed starter Geno Smith are both signed through 2025, though Howell is the much cheaper option in 2025 (hint hint). Howell started for the Washington Commanders in 2023 and he was better than most expected.

Oddly, the hope for Seattle in adding Howell is that he never plays in 2024. This would mean that Smith stays healthy and productive. If Howell does play, that means something has happened with Smith. New offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb is likely not going to be quick to pull Smith if he does struggle early either so Howell likely sits unless Smith is injured.

But in the 2025 offseason. releasing Smith could be an option if Seattle thinks he is not the long-term option. Seattle could take a quarterback in the 2025 NFL draft and at least have Howell there to start if the rookie is not ready to take over. Meanwhile, moving on from Smith would save Seattle $25 million in cap space.

One exec thinks the Seattle Seahawks cannot fix Sam Howell

For the record, I am not hoping this happens. The hope would be, of course, that Seattle goes undefeated in 2024 and every year thereafter and that Geno Smith is the MVP of the NFL for the next two years. That is not realistic, however.

The truth, too, is that while Howell, a former fifth-round choice, did throw 21 touchdown passes in 2023, he also threw 21 interceptions. Especially early in the season, he held on to the ball too long behind a bad offensive line. One problem compounded the other. A good offensive coordinator and quarterback coach can fix the issue, but can the Seahawks?

The answer to that is a hearty "no," according to a recent article by The Athletic (subscription required). While the site spoke with different league executives about every team in the NFL, one (unnamed) exec compared Howell to Gardner Minshew only with a stronger arm. Howell, the exec said, could be "reckless" with the ball but that the tendency could be "fixed."

The rub is that the same exec said, "(Howell) is a little reckless with the ball. You can fix that, but I don’t know that (the Seahawks) will." Ouch. And well...why not?

This unknown executive isn't just casting doubt on Howell being fixed at all but about the Seahawks' new offensive staff's ability to do so. That seems harsh and unfair. Of course, only Howell playing and playing well will disprove the executive's words, but 12s should hope that the exec has to metaphorically eat a bird that is not a seahawk; that would be crow.

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