2024 NFL 3-Round Mock Draft: Seahawks land dream haul on defense

Mike Macdonald gets a couple of gifts from John Schneider.
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We have reached the goal line of the NFL Draft season. After months of scouting, pro days, interviews, and constant debating, it is time for 257 names to be called and 257 dreams to be realized. The Seattle Seahawks are hoping a few of their dreams are realized this week as well. 

After a second straight 9-8 season that saw the Seahawks just miss the playoffs, new leadership was called on. Out was Pete Carroll, the undoubted Hall of Famer and Seattle legend, and in comes the hottest coaching candidate on the market, Mike Macdonald. With 7 picks in total, but no 2nd or 5th round picks, this is one of the more unique and pivotal drafts in team history. 

Does John Schneider and Macdonald believe that this team is close to real contention, or is it more of a legitimate teardown and rebuild in order? Will the Seahawks lean into their Michigan Wolverines or Washington Huskies connections? What if Michael Penix is there at pick 16, or are they truly all in on Geno Smith?

Seattle Seahawks 2024 3-round mock draft nets two impact players on defense

There are dozens of questions that will be answered in Detroit over the week. Arguably the most important is whether the Seahawks will trade back to collect more draft assets, or if they will stick and pick in round one. Sitting at pick 16, they are somewhat caught in between.

The team might just be a little too far away for a blue chip to fall to them, and they might not be able to find a team desperate enough to overpay to move up. We won’t be seeing any team offering the Seahawks a future first-rounder to move up, but instead, the focus would be on regaining picks in the 2nd and 5th rounds. 

In today’s mock draft, we’re taking one last swing at mocking a “stick & pick” - meaning, the Seahawks do not trade back at all - draft before round 1 on Thursday night.