How Seahawks fans can watch the 2024 NFL Draft with or without cable

The 2024 draft begins on April 25.
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How Seattle Seahawks fans can watch the 2024 NFL Draft with and without cable: the full streaming guide for 12s around the world.

It's the next best thing to seeing our beloved Seahawks crush an NFC West rival: watching the newest members drafted onto the team. Whether you live in Vancouver, Stuttgart, or three blocks from Lumen Field, you can follow the action live as Seattle feathers their nest with the next generation of Seahawks.

Will John Schneider trade up to land this year's version of Devon Witherspoon? Or will he trade back to the second round and land a pair of studs like Boye Mafe and Kenneth Walker III? Or will he stun the world by standing pat for the first time ever in the draft? Surely not. This is how you can tune in, no matter where you are, no matter how you'll be watching.

Watching the Seattle Seahawks draft is as easy as a Smith-to-Lockett touchdown

First, let's tackle the draft for those of you in the U.S. - you know, the majority of 12s. If you're one of those crazy people that still watches broadcast TV, you're in luck. The draft will be shown on the ABC television network. I know this sounds crazy, but if you have an antenna, you can watch the entire draft for free. Weird, right? All 220+ stations are listed here, just in case you somehow didn't realize you were watching ABC all this time. The latest data shows nearly 115 million households have access to broadcast channels. If you're in that group, you're all set.

If you have cable TV, it's even simpler. Find your local ABC affiliate, and you're ready to watch the magic happen. If you prefer a more sports-centric show, you can watch the draft on the NFL Network or ESPN. As detailed on ESPN's website, their focus will be more team-oriented, while the ABC telecast will feature more in-depth coverage of the draftees themselves. You know, the human interest stuff. To the best of my knowledge, there will not be a segment of The View covering the draft. I can't wait to see them asking Caleb Williams how awful it must feel to be drafted by the Bears.

If you're one of those cool mod types who cut the cord (and junked the rabbit ears), you can stream the 2024 draft via NFL+. If you have cable but will be away from your TV, you can stream via ABC or ESPN. At least, that's according to the NFL itself. NFL+ is a subscription service. Many streaming services have package deals that feature the NFL Network and/or ESPN. Fubo and Sling TV are just two of several services that carry the networks.

Now that we've covered the U.S., let's head north, and then everywhere else. In Canada, you can watch ABC"s coverage via your cable provider. If you'll be watching online, you'll need to subscribe to either DAZN or TSN. Canadian 12s know that TSN is typically included in higher tiers of cable packages, while DAZN is a great streaming service for sports fans. That's where I stream every Seahawks game all season long. In the U.K., Sky Sports will stream the draft, while in Germany 12s can watch the draft for free on RTL. DAZN has region-specific versions in over 200 countries. Although it doesn't offer a free trial, it's an excellent service.

For those Seahawks fans outside of the U.S. who like to live on the edge, you can always use a VPN, too. For the tech-illiterate out there, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network. In layman's terms, it's a subscription service that allows you to hide your actual location and show that you're located in another country. So while you may be in Iceland, but you can set your location to Seattle, and watch the local affiliate. You'll still have to have access to whichever streaming service you choose, but it's another avenue to next week's big show. Tune in Thursday, April 25th, 8 pm EDT - that's 12 am on the 26th, or 0000 hours Friday in Universal time. No matter how you watch, enjoy the show, 12s!

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