Odds released for Seattle Seahawks 2025 Super Bowl chances and they are not good

Oddsmakers think Seattle will be worse next year than in 2023.
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Oddsmakers do not like the unknown. They want to make money and if you make money too, great. But that is not their intention. So when FanDuel released their 2025 Super Bowl after the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers finished Super Bowl LVIII, the Seattle Seahawks did not rate highly. This makes sense as well, but not because the team has a bad roster or bad coaching or is even incapable of making a deep postseason run.

Oddsmakers simply do not know what to think of Seattle. Seattle likely will have a veteran quarterback to begin 2024 and Geno Smith should have some very good skill position players around him. DK Metcalf, Kenneth Walker, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba will definitely be back next year until there is a shock trade.

But the Seahawks will have a new head coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, and new special teams coordinator next season. Las Vegas and online bookmakers do not like that. How can a site have safe odds if they have zero ideas about what might happen?

Seattle Seahawks odds for making the Super Bowl next year are not good

Seattle currently has the 21st-worst odds for the 2025 Super Bowl, and they are tied with four other teams. In other words, the Seahawks might have the 25th-worst odds to win Super Bowl LIX. The other teams with the same odds include the New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Arizona Cardinals. Yes, the team that finished last in the NFC West this year has the same odds of making the Super Bowl as Seattle does next season.

It should be noted, though, that one team with even worse odds is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh, of course, basically ended Seattle's 2023 season by running over, in between, and through Seattle in Week 17. I am not sure why Pittsburgh would be seen as worse next year but they are. Not as bad as the Carolina Panthers, however; they have the worse odds.

Sadly, even the Atlanta Falcons have better odds of being in next year's Super Bowl than Seattle. I have no idea why this would be. I do think that the Seahawks' offense is going to be as good next year while the defense will be even better under the leadership of new head coach Mike Macdonald. Seattle could be a dangerous team in 2024-25 no matter what the oddsmakers think.

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