3 offseason moves to improve Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl chances in 2024

These three moves could make Seattle dangerous.

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No. 3 - Seattle should sign guard Dalton Risner

Risner would not be the most expensive free agent on this list. Pro Football Focus only projects his next deal to pay him about $8 million per season over three years. That amount is likely less than what Seahawks free agent left guard Damien Lewis is probably going to get. Risner is also a better guard than Lewis so Seattle might get an upgrade in quality and not pay as much.

Lewis is probably a better run-blocker than Risner, but Risner does excel in pass protection. A lot of the pressure on Geno Smith in 2023 appeared to come from the inside of the line. This was not all Lewis' fault, obviously, as center Evan Brown got worse as the season wore on and the right guard was always a mess. But Risner would be a veteran presence that would help the new center (I am assuming Seattle replaces Brown, who is a free agent, with Olu Oluwatimi) and the new full-time right guard (whether that is soon-to-be second-year pro Anthony Bradford is a drafted rookie).

Risner has also shown the ability to adapt quickly to whatever new scheme is given him. He would be able to be a solid left guard while probably also teaching the rest of the offensive linemen how the scheme works. Seattle's defense should be better in 2024 but the offense needs to improve a bit as well. One way of getting that to happen would be to sign Risner.

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