3 offseason moves to improve Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl chances in 2024

These three moves could make Seattle dangerous.
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No. 2 - Seahawks should bring back defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Where is Seattle going to find the money to sign Queen and Williams? Only general manager John Schneider would know that, but where there is a will, there is likely a way. One is to re-work current deals with players such as Tyler Lockett or Will Dissly. Another way is to release players such as Diggs and/or Adams, and another way is to trade players such as Geno Smith. Of course, if Smith is traded, that means the likely re-signing of Drew Lock and maybe drafting Michigan's J.J. McCarthy.

Queen might cost as much as $18 million a season, including bonuses, and Williams might cost $17 million a year with likely more money guaranteed than Queen as Williams is an older player. Seattle would not want to hurt itself by backloading the contract either. Doing so might make Seattle better in 2024 but sink the team in 2027.

Williams, however, is exactly what Macdonald needs as he is a beast against the run and is Seattle's best pass rusher among interior defensive linemen. He is probably even a bit better than Madubuike which means keeping Williams could be a win-win for player and team. Macdonald is going to put Williams in the best situations to succeed and Williams is good enough to take advantage of nearly any situation.

Signing both Queen and Williams is likely a pipedream. I admit that. But there is a possibility as Seattle is going to want to give Macdonald the defense he deserves and one that makes Seattle a playoff hopeful.