There is one big reason Seattle Seahawks next head coach should be Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris is a finalist for the Seahawks head coaching job. Here is what sets Morris apart from the other candidates.
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Raheem Morris' ability to bring other coaches with him to Seattle makes him a unique fit for the position of Seahawks head coach. His breadth of NFL coaching experience and his contacts in the league set him apart from other candidates in this search. Morris is well-connected in the NFL having made stops as a coach in Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Having been a coach in the NFL for a long time, Morris knows a significant number of possible assistants he could bring with him to Seattle.

For example, Greg Olson the Seahawks quarterbacks coach in Seattle during the 2023 season, was Morris' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach when Morris was head coach of the Bucs. The Seahawks should want to retain Olson on their staff since he has been known to work well with young quarterbacks and given he already has a relationship with QB Geno Smith. Plus, Olson has a prior working relationship with Morris, which is also a benefit.

Olson is just one of many coaches Morris already knows who could be a part of his coaching staff. There are more potential assistants Morris could reach out to if he is chosen as the next head coach. John Schneider understands he needs to hire a head coach who can assemble a solid team of assistant coaches and will likely prioritize that in his head coaching search. Morris' experience and connections over 20 years of coaching in the NFL, make him an intriguing candidate for the Seahawks' next head coach.

Why Raheem Morris could be a great fit for the Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and Raheem Morris while they have different coaching journeys, have several interesting similarities. Both Morris and Carroll are defensive coaches. They each had issues in their previous experiences as NFL head coaches. Each of them previously coached in LA. Both had several stops in the NFL as assistant coaches, with lots of NFL coaching connections.

The Seahawks have taken a strong interest in Morris, bringing him in for two interviews. Understanding the importance of building a staff, John Schneider is doing the right thing in giving Morris a real shot at the position.

Knowing the coaching staff Raheem Morris could build has not gone unnoticed. Morris' NFL coaching ties could be a deciding factor in whether the Seahawks hire him as their next head coach.

Update: The Falcons are reportedly hiring Morris to be their next head coach.

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