One proposed draft trade for the Seahawks would be the worst John Schneider move ever

Seattle needs no player as badly as Bleacher Report believes the Seahawks want this player.

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The Seattle Seahawks have a number of needs in the 2024 NFL draft. The team has to address the interior of their offensive line, the interior of the defensive line, and the linebacker group, among others. Seattle does not necessarily take a quarterback early in the draft because veteran Geno Smith has shown he is capable of goodness and simply needs a better team, especially the defense, around him.

If Seattle does choose a quarterback high in the draft they certainly do not need to give away all of their first draft picks in the 2024 draft. This is true even should Seattle want to try to move up to the top two picks and take possibly Drake Maye or Caleb Williams. Those players would be great but as Seattle has greater needs then gutting their draft for one quarterback makes zero sense.

This is why a recent Bleacher Report article about potential draft trades simply should not work for the Seahawks. B/R thinks Seattle could move up from pick 16 to pick 10 and in return give the New York Jets - the team that currently holds the number 10 selection - the 16th overall choice, both of Seattle's 2024 third-round picks and a 2025 fourth-round choice. Seattle already traded its second-round pick in the 2024 draft in order to add defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

The Seattle Seahawks should not move up to pick number 10 to take a quarterback

With pick number 10, the Seahawks would then take Washington quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. There are a bunch of issues with B/R's trade idea. One is that Penix could still be available past the first round due to his injury history and age. Seattle would be better off trying to move back into the later part of the first round to take Penix if they wanted.

Plus, Seattle would in essence be giving up every choice they had before the fourth round of the 2024 draft in order to land Penix. That is, well...dumb. No offense to Penix as he likely has the arm talent to be a very good NFL quarterback.

The Seahawks did hire Ryan Grubb to be the team's new offensive coordinator and Grubb coached Penix at Washington. That would make a transition to the NFL easier for Penix (and Grubb), but Mike Macdonald is the new head coach and John Schneider giving Macdonald the gift of trading all the team's high draft picks in order to move up for a quarterback is nonsensical.

Schneider has done pretty well with trades, of course. When he moved Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos in 2022, for example, the team was eventually able to add players such as Boye Mafe and Devon Witherspoon. But Schneider moving up to 10 for Penix while giving up Seattle's current first three draft picks would be his worst trade ever.

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