To paraphrase Chuck D, Seahawks fans still know how to bring the noise

Though the team is not winning at the same level as the mid-2010s, 12s still make life rough for opposing teams.
Geno Smith of the Seahawks
Geno Smith of the Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

In 2013, Seattle Seahawks fans set a record for the loudest outdoor venue when 12s reached a decibel level of 136.6. That is like standing next to a jet plane. In other words, one might have been in pain from the deafening sound. It was a good time to be a Seattle football fan.

The team was winning at a high level, the future looked grand, and the world was right. Of course, since 2017, the team is only 1-4 in playoff games and Pete Carroll was relieved of his head coaching duties this offseason. The team is not bad, but not yet a Super Bowl contender again.

That has not stopped fans from continuing to sell out Lumen Field. Since 2003, the stadium has mostly been at full capacity, though the 2020 COVID year certainly meant 12s were not going to games. What might have been stranger for Seahawks players and coaches wasn't that there were no fans at home games but that the sheer volume 12s bring was gone.

Seattle Seahawks fans still get louder than every fanbase but one

According to Give Me Sport, Lumen Field is still the second-loudest stadium in the NFL. The loudest belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs who reset the decibel level record in 2024 to 142.2. In fact, the average decibel level at Arrowhead Stadium is 140 decibels. Chiefs fans are not as good as 12s, however, because KC doesn't always sell out every game.

This means while Seahawks fans are not the loudest, they are probably the best. If Chiefs fans cannot sell out their stadium when their team is in the midst of a dynastic run, what happens when Patrick Mahomes gets old? Will Chiefs fans even find a reason to go?

12s show up good or bad. Maybe the results have not been as good in recent years, but Seattle fans still loudly voice their opinions about what is happening on the field. That is the entire point of being a fan. We pay good money to be one, too.

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The third and fourth loudest stadiums shouldn't really count. No. 3 is the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans which is enclosed. No. 4 is State Farm Stadium in Arizona which has a retractable roof. Plus, as Cardinals fans - the two that exist - are a bad fanbase, one can assume most of the cheering heard at games is from the fans of whoever Arizona is playing.

Rounding out the top 10 from five through 10 are Lambeau Field (Packers), US Bank Stadium (Vikings), Gillette Stadium (Patriots), M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens), Acrisure Stadium (Steelers), and AT&T Stadium (Cowboys). Jerry Jones has to be peeved Dallas fans don't make more noise.

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