Pete Carroll’s next job could be a slap in the face to the Seahawks

This would be the worst case scenario, right?

Seattle Seahawks Press Conference
Seattle Seahawks Press Conference / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Now that he's no longer coaching the Seahawks, there are so many different jobs that Pete Carroll could take which wouldn't bother Seattle fans one bit. Whether it's a job in the front office, or as a team ambassador, or even some senior analyst role for a team on the East Coast, Seahawk fans would probably be fine with it. In fact, I'd argue there are really only, like, two or three new jobs that would be disastrous for them. And besides, after 13 seasons overwhelmingly-successful years coaching the Seahawks, there's no chance he'd take one of those 2-3 jobs. Right?

Well [nervous laughter], not according to 49ers play-by-play announcer Greg Papa. While talking to the Rich Eisen Show last Friday, Papa weighed on who he thinks should replace Steve Wilks, who was recently fired after one season on the job.

"I think Pete Carroll would be more of a natural fit,” he said. "Because with Belichick, he likes to vary his fronts. It would be a very different defense ... and ultimately, whoever the name is, you want them to get the most of out your players, so what’s the best defense to run for Fred [Warner], Dre [Greenlaw], Nick [Bosa], Charvarius Ward, and Deommodore Lenoir, and Talanoa Hufanga? That’s who you’re trying to serve."

"The defense the Niners are running, and has since Kyle's been the head coach, is Seattle's defense. It's Seattle's. And he's the guy that did it. He got away from it the last couple of years. He's from the Bay area. He used to be the defensive coordinator of the Niners ... does Pete want to do that though? He's been coaching at the head coach level for 20 years. He hasn't run a defense since he was with the Niners in the mid-90s. So I don't know."

We'll start with the bad news first, which is, woof. Going to the Niners is probably the worst outcome possible? Pete Carroll being the guy that helps Kyle Shanahan shake his Super Bowl reputation is the stuff of nightmares in Seattle. The good news is that Papa's take isn't really a report as much as it's an opinion, so the panic doesn't have to start quite yet. But here's to hoping whatever advisory role he was given is good enough to keep him off another NFC West sideline.

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