For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from the Seahawks big win in Week 10

  • The return of Pro Bowler Jason Myers
  • Shoutout to a stout offensive line performance
  • Is there anyone better than Boye Mafe right now?
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It's so much more fun to look back on a well-played game, right?

Fortunately, that's where we find ourselves this week when discussing the best parts of the Seahawks' big win over the Commanders, keeping Seattle tied with the division-leading 49ers.

Other than wanting a win because who roots for their team to lose? The Seahawks needed a bounce-back game after the domination they received at the hands of the Ravens last week. Although it was a humbling experience for a team riding a two-game winning streak high, getting back on track and staying atop the division remained the ultimate goal.

Despite their losing record, the Commanders have morphed into a quality competitor. They just beat the Patriots on their home turf and hung in there against the Eagles a week before, making the Seahawks' path to winning more difficult than anticipated.

Luckily, they performed exactly how they needed to and came up big in the moments they needed to turn things around, leading to a very exciting last-second field goal to win an important game.

The best version of Jason Myers was back as he gets the game-winning field goal

After recording the best season of his career in 2022, solidifying himself as a dominant player at his position, Jason Myers started the year very up and down. He opened the season against the Rams, missing a short field goal, and followed that performance against the Lions by missing two more, ultimately leading to their overtime loss.

Since then, Myers has missed just one more field goal in a dominant win over the sad New York Giants, a significant move in the right direction for the typically reliable kicker.

He kicked that into high gear on Sunday, completing a perfect game against the Commanders, including the game-winning field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Considering some of his misses earlier in the year contributed to the team falling behind, ending this game 5/5 on field goals brought back the confidence that some had lost.

Let's hope this version of Myers sticks around for the rest of the season, especially with several tough opponents left on the schedule. His consistency will become even more crucial over the next eight weeks, and his performance will be a factor in keeping their spot atop the division.