For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from the Seahawks big win in Week 10

  • The return of Pro Bowler Jason Myers
  • Shoutout to a stout offensive line performance
  • Is there anyone better than Boye Mafe right now?
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DK Metcalf
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DK Metcalf set up special teams to get the win

Although he deserves credit for being the leading receiver in Sunday's game, recording 7/12 receptions for 98 yards, the part of his performance that simply cannot be ignored is his two crucial catches on what would be the final drive of the game.

After the Commanders matched the Seahawks' touchdown to tie the game at 26, Seattle got the ball back with just 52 seconds remaining. The offense started on their own 25-yard line and needed to get at least within field goal range to get the well-earned victory at home.

Metcalf ensured that happened by first converting on a third and four with a 17-yard reception. He followed that up with another, but this time for 27 yards. It allowed Jason Myers to kick a 43-yard field goal to win the game with just three seconds left on the clock.

And we know how the rest of the story goes.

It was the exact time that Metcalf needed to bring the spark to the offense, and without it, the game likely would have headed into overtime.