For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from the Seahawks big win in Week 10

  • The return of Pro Bowler Jason Myers
  • Shoutout to a stout offensive line performance
  • Is there anyone better than Boye Mafe right now?

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Boye Mafe
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All hail Boye Mafe!

Among the players that Seahawks fans are excited about this season is probably the guy that has skyrocketed to the top of favorites lists across the Pacific Northwest: Boye Mafe.

The second-year linebacker has come alive this year and become an absolute menace for opposing quarterbacks, setting a franchise record for his latest sack against the Commanders on Sunday. Coming into this week, he was well on his way to putting together an impressive season, already totaling six sacks, six tackles for a loss, two fumble recoveries, and nine quarterback hits.

But he solidified his mark in Seahawks history with a sack on Sam Howell on Sunday, setting a team record for being credited a sack in seven straight games, finally dethroning Michael Sinclair, who had held the record with six sacks in six games since the 1997 season.

To make the rise of Mafe even more exciting, he could set an NFL record this season if he maintains the dominance he's displayed so far. Chris Jones of the Chiefs currently holds the record for 11 straight games with a sack, something Mafe can accomplish in the next three games if he notches a sack in each one.

What's even cooler to see is how humble he remains when asked about his record-breaking performance. After the Seahawks' win on Sunday, he reiterated how important the accomplishment means for the team and where they're headed, taking the credit away from himself and putting all onto the team.

"For me, it's just another accomplishment. Biggest thing for me is just understanding that it's bigger than me. This is a testament to the things that we were working on in the offseason. It's a testament to a lot of guys who wanted to buy in and understand what we had to do this year. Especially [with] where we were last year and how we were getting better in certain situations. It's one of the things we want to strive to get better at and now it's coming to fruition."

That is the type of attitude any team would be lucky to have in their star players; the Seahawks are just fortunate to have gotten one of the best ones in recent memory with Mafe.