For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 victory

Can the Seahawks play defense? On Monday night, the answer was an emphatic yes.
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The Seahawks sack party continued in the fourth quarter

On first down the Giants went back to the air and picked up a first. Congratulations, 12s, we made it to the fourth quarter. After a few short gains, New York faced fourth and five. Jones picked up another first down with six yards on a quick pass, but the Ants were tagged with holding on the next play.

The bad news was that Jarran Reed went down on the play and came off the field. No Reed, no problem, as Bobby Wagner picked up his second sack of the game. On second and 28, the Giants connected for six yards. The sack party continued as Uchenna Nwosu dropped Jones for the eighth Seahawks sack of the night. New York punted, but of course, they were flagged for an illegal shift. I mean, why not, right? Seattle took over with 11:20 in the game at their own 30.

Geno Smith hit Smith-Njigba for three yards on first down. For all the talk about how the Hawks can get JSN going, here's a thought: give him some routes other than dumps in the flat. Two straight completions, and the Hawks punted. Sorry, I have to interrupt here with another pearl of wisdom from Mr. Aikman. Talking about Seattle's transition to a younger team while still winning last year, he said, "Nobody, and I mean nobody, thought Seattle would win more than four games."

Speak for yourself, Concussion Boy. Most national media types were that stupid, but not people who actually followed the team. Yes, the nine wins were a nice surprise, but four or five wins? Uh, no. Aikman went on to say that Carroll deserved more consideration as Coach of the Year, so at least he got that right. Back to the game. Dickson hit a 56-yard punt again, and there we had 10:25 to go.

I'm pretty sure Daniel Jones wished the game was over at this point. Well, it was, but there was still a lot of clock left. On the first play of the drive, he was sacked for the ninth time, this courtesy of Myles Adams who cut across the line untouched. The Giants picked up two quick first downs, but the ball was tipped by Mario Edwards on the next play. Jones was pressured on the next play and sailed the ball deep, right into the hands of Quandre Diggs. Number six brought the ball back 20 yards on his first pick of the season. That made it Seahawks ball at the Giants 45. That was only the second pass attempt of more than 10 yards on the night for Jones. That's pressure.

K-9 made it his show then. He picked up five yards on first down, then took off for a 36-yard sprint on second down. He was sprung, of course, by Jake Bobo. In case you missed it, PFF has graded Bobo as the best-blocking wide receiver in the league. On first and goal at the nine, Colby Parkinson was flagged for a false start.

On the next play, Walker had nowhere to run and managed two yards. On second and goal from the 13, Walker cut right, then spun once, then once again on his way just inside the eight-yard line. On third and goal, Thibodeaux got his second sack of the night. Hey, at least New York had one guy show up for the game. Jason Myers hit the easy 34-yarder, and it was Seahawks 24, Giants 3.

New York picked up a first down, and then Boye Mafe registered the tenth sack of the game for the Seahawks. The Giants faced fourth and five, and Uchenna Nwosu dropped Jones for the 37th sack of the game. Okay, it was only the 11th sack of the game, but I'm sure Daniel Jones felt like it was 37. The Seahawks took over on downs. With 3:30 left, Drew Lock came into the game and handed off to Kenneth Walker III, who was stuffed for a loss. Zach Charbonnet picked up eight yards to get us to the two-minute warning.

On third and six, Charbonnet ran the ball to the Giants 28. On fourth and three, the Hawks went for it. This actually made some sense. I mean, might as well get Drew Lock some work. If they didn't make it - which they didn't, as the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage - there would barely be over one minute left. The Giants ran the ball once, and let the clock run out on the loss. I'm sure they were trying to get off the field before they got hammered by their few remaining fans. And that was the game, Seahawks 24, Giants 3.