For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks Week 4 victory

Can the Seahawks play defense? On Monday night, the answer was an emphatic yes.
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For Pete's sake, we finally saw some defense

Remember when people were crying about Witherspoon playing in the slot? Not that we told you so, but we told you so. So one question: are you still crying about Spoon moving to play nickel? All Spoon did was get two sacks, two tackles for a loss, a pass breakup, and that spectacular interception. Yeah, the Hawks sure wasted him in the slot, didn't they? This was literally what Pete Carroll said their first draft pick could do; take over a game, because the slot position had become so important in today's pass-heavy offenses. Give the man some credit. He knows a little about defensive backfield play.

As for that pass rush, wow. Four Hawks racked up two sacks apiece: Wagner, Witherspoon, Nwosu, and Jordyn Brooks. Boye Mafe got his second of the season, while Myles Adams and Edwards got their first. Daniel Jones is going to be seeing that Seahawks logo for weeks. The 11 sacks tied the team record, set in 1986 versus the Raiders. That's so long ago, the Seahawks were still in the AFC. In fact, it's so long ago, Bobby Wagner wasn't even born yet. Because he's old, apparently.

Alright, let's talk about the offense. Yes, it was a bit worrisome. Okay, more than a bit. Seattle only scored 17 points when they had the ball and threw for just 160 yards between Smith and Lock. They still can't get Smith-Njigba on track, either. The Hawks converted on just 3 of 12 third down attempts, and were 0-2 on fourth down.

On the other hand, the running game looked decent with 121 yards and a score. Considering that the Hawks had exactly one reserve offensive lineman left with all the injuries, the patchwork line did a pretty good job overall. Two sacks and three QB hits is a solid effort for any squad. I mean, they didn't give up 11 sacks, for Pete's sake.

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