3 pivotal matchups that will decide Seattle Seahawks game vs. Giants in Week 4

  • Seattle should be able to run the ball
  • Seattle needs to control the Giants QB
  • The Seahawks get a potentially extremely valuable player back
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Jamal Adams against Giants offensive line

Jamal Adams is back! At least, that is the expectation heading into Monday Night Football in Week 4. How much Adams plays remains to be seen, though. Expecting him to go out on the field in his first game back in over a year and thinking he can play near 100 percent of the snaps seems foolish. But if he can be used correctly and plays 40 percent of the snaps, that could have an impact.

Head coach Pete Carroll has been rightfully tight-lipped about how Adams will be used. Will he line up at strong safety in place of Julian Love? Or will he act as more of an edge rusher on obvious passing downs. The issue with having Adams back is he does certain things extremely well while he doesn't do other things, like cover receivers deep, as well. And because of that fitting Adams into the scheme might mean taking a player off the field who does the things Adams doesn't do well.

Still, Adams has an unnatural gift of attacking the line of scrimmage at just the right moment. He seems to see the flaws in the offensive line blocking before the line has a chance to adjust. The Giants, especially Daniel Jones, might be able to take advantage of how hyped Adams is likely to be on Monday and use Adams' aggression against him, but likely Adams will make an impact in helping Seattle's pass rush.

Getting Jamal Adams back in Week 4 with a bye week following is nearly perfect timing. Seattle can see what Adams is able to do physically and the bye week gives him time to recover from playing. This leaves the rest of the season open for the Seahawks to change the scheme a bit to include Adams and Adams will understand what his role is in the defense moving forward.

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