5 players Seattle Seahawks can draft to make Mike Macdonald's life easier

These five players would make Mike Macdonald's life easier.

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Edge rusher Jared Verse, Florida State

Verse could fall out of the top 20 but not because he does not have talent or drive. His issue, and one he cannot control, is that his arms are short for an NFL edge rusher. This means he can extend to keep blockers at bay as well and must rely on the strength he has when getting close to a player. He also could be limited in tackling radius as he wouldn't be able to reach as far as some other players trying to bring a ball carrier down.

To be sure, Verse did struggle with tackling during his college career. In 2023, he missed 19.1 percent of his tackle attempts but that was, unfortunately, a career low. In two different seasons, he missed 27.3 percent of his tackle attempts. But he likely just wasn't taught proper technique at Albany or Florida State.

But Verse also has the will to win every matchup he is involved in and he does have the strength to play right away in the league. He works extremely hard to improve and appears to be very coachable as well. This will not only help him get better fasters in the league, but he will also earn the respect of his veteran teammates such as Leonard Williams and Jarran Reed.

He totaled 62 pressures in 2023 including 11 sacks. He lined up outside the tackles on the vast majority of his reps so while he might not have been a good fit for Seattle in the last two years when the Seahawks were running more of a 3-4 base, Verse should work perfectly in Mike Macdonald's 4-3.