3 positions where the Seahawks could double dip in the 2024 NFL draft

Seattle needs multiple players at multiple spots in the draft.
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The Seattle Seahawks should have a good sense of who they want to take and who they do not want to at this point. The NFL draft is just days away. But while general manager John Schneider will probably take the best player available when Seattle is ready to choose, Schneider also has to address positions of need.

Seattle doesn't really need a quarterback, wide receiver, or running back in the draft, though adding more depth at running back would be nice. That player could come cheaply in free agency closer to the beginning of next season, however. Seattle has Geno Smith and Sam Howell under contract for the next two seasons, so why take a quarterback?

But the positions that follow all need at least two players added through the draft. The Seahawks have just seven picks currently, but even if six of those picks were used on two players for each of these groups, that would be OK. No matter what, Seattle's 2024 draft is going to be a fun one to watch.

Seattle Seahawks could logically double dip at these three position groups


Potential picks: Junior Colson, Trevin Wallace, Jamal Hill

Seattle completely revamped its linebacker group this offseason. Gone are Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, and Devin Bush, and brought in were Tyrel Dodson and Jerome Baker. But Baker and Dodson were signed in free agency to only one-year deals. This could imply that Seattle hopes they work out well, but they are not completely sold that they will be.

Every linebacker on Seattle's roster, edge rushers and inside linebackers alike, is only signed through the 2024 season except for Uchenna Nwosu who is signed through 2026. There could be even more linebacker changes next offseason. This means Seattle needs to draft a linebacker or three in the 2024 draft in order to have long-term depth built.

Colson makes the most sense. The Seahawks will likely be able to take him in the third or fourth rounds and he played a season under new head coach Mike Macdonald when Macdonald was the defensive coordinator for the Wolverines. That familiarity will help Colson. Seattle has also visited with Wallace and Hill so one of them could be the second linebacker Seattle takes.

Defensive tackle

Potential picks: Kris Jenkins, Jer'Zhan Newton, Byron Murphy, T'Vondre Sweat

Seattle should be pretty set along the defensive line for 2024, but certainly not after next season. Leonard Williams re-signed this offseason for three years, but Jarran Reed has just one season left and Johnathan Hankins was signed for only one year. Dre'Mont Jones has two years left on his current deal, but he needs to be better in 2024 for Seattle to want to keep him around for 2025.

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Jenkins, like Colson, would make sense for Seattle as he played at Michigan under Macdonald. Murphy might need to be a first-round choice. Sweat had a recent DWI issue but he is still going to be drafted. His stock might have dropped because of the arrest, however, and the Seahawks could potentially take him in the third round. Newton is closer to Murphy so Seattle is extremely unlikely to wind up with both.


Potential picks: Zak Zinter, Graham Barton, Matt Goncalves

Even after signing Laken Tomlinson, Seattle still needs to likely get a couple of guards in the draft. One or both could also be starters in 2024 or 2025. The starting right guard spot is probably going to go to Anthony Bradford but he needs to be much better than he was in 2023 to show he can be a long-term starter. Tomlinson is going to start at left guard.

Barton might fall into the second round so if Seattle works a trade and holds on to a first-round choice but adds a second-rounder, the Seahawks could grab Barton then possibly. Zinter, due to his recent leg injury, might fall to the third round or later, but he is better than that. Goncalves is likely a late-round selection but a potential starter in the NFL.

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