4 potential trade destinations for DK Metcalf this offseason

Seattle must create cap room and add draft picks - somehow - this offseason.

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Potential DK Metcalf trade destination No. 4 - Tennessee Titans

Projected 2024 cap space (top 51): $73,905,424
Projected 2025 cap space: $201,021,122
Highest 2024 NFL draft picks: First round, pick 7; second round, pick 38

The Titans, like the Colts, will also have a quarterback on a rookie contract moving forward. Will Levis showed enough in 2023 to at least be allowed to be QB1 in Week 1 of 2024? The hope is that he becomes a long-term start for the next three years. Levis will be a free agent after his fourth year as he was not taken until the second round (though he clearly would be franchise-tagged if he does well).

What Tennessee does not have is any young, good wide receivers. Plus, the Titans will have a new head coach who likes to throw more than former head coach Mike Vrabel did. Brian Callahan takes over for Vrabel and Callahan was the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals for the last five years. He has worked with great receivers such as Tee Higgins and Ja'Marr Chase so he will know how to incorporate Metcalf into the offense.

Higgins is also a free agent so if Tennessee traded for Metcalf and signed Higgins (they have the money to do both and Higgins is from east Tennessee) then Levis would have an offense worthy of competing for the AFC South crown next year and in seasons beyond. Plus, Metcalf would be a little closer to home as he is from Oxford, MS which is only a four-hour drive.

The Seahawks would get Tennessee's first-round choice in 2024 and should ask for the second-round pick as well. Giving up Metcalf would not be easy, of course, but would a move help the Seahawks improve in 2024 and beyond? Very likely, as long as the correct move is made.

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