3 potential trade targets the Seattle Seahawks should entertain going after

Seattle could find defensive line help by making a move for one of the three players that follow.

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Seattle could try to pry Montez Sweat from Washington Commanders

Washington is in a tough spot. they aren't terrible but they also are nowhere as good as the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys and where the Commanders are good - the defensive line - they actually have a glut of talent that can't all play at one time. There is a decent chance that Washington either moves Sweat or Chase Young before the trade deadline because they are going to have to pay one of those guys after 2023 but likely can't afford to pay both.

Sweat has 4.5 sacks and 9 tackles for loss so far in 2023. In three of his four seasons prior to this year, he had 7 sacks or more and in 2022 he had 28 quarterback hits. And he stays healthy as he has only missed a handful of games in one season (2021). Sweat has plus-grades from PFF in all categories from 2020 on so he will help greatly against the run or pass.

Because Sweat could walk after this year, the asking price in return for him in a trade can't be too high because another team is unlikely to pay it. Why would a team give up a chunk of its future for a player they might be able to sign after this season anyway? And if Washington is unwilling to tip its hand on which player, Sweat or Young, that it might be willing to part with, the Seahawks could call about both.

Young is a better pass rusher than a run defender, however. He already has 27 quarterback pressures in 2023, third-most in the NFL, but only has 3 tackles for loss. One would think that number would be higher from an extremely active defensive end. So of the two, Sweat would be the better pick-up for Seattle, but the Seahawks would be better with Young or Sweat.

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