Predicting the first three moves of Seahawks in free agency

Seattle would win big by signing (or re-signing) these three players.

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The Seattle Seahawks went from having no cap room to being in the top ten of cap space in a matter of a week. That seemed easy, right? What were we even stressing about in terms of Seattle not doing anything at all in free agency?

But Seattle does have a number of pressing needs that they will be forced to address both in free agency and in the 2024 NFL draft. At linebacker, tight end, and at safety, the team has one or no veteran players under contract for next season. That will need to change.

But what should Seattle do with their newfound cap room? Which players should they chase aggressively? Maybe the three that follow could be their first signings.

Seattle Seahawks sign safety Geno Stone

As interesting as it was that the Seahawks released Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs and as much as they needed to in order to create cap room, Seattle still obviously has to find their replacements. Bringing either Adams or Diggs back does not seem logical. Adams stays hurt and cannot be counted on to play much. Diggs had a down year in 2023, compared to his previous three full seasons in Seattle, and is north of 30 years old now.

Signing Stone makes complete sense for the team as well. He is fantastic in coverage, especially in the deep middle of the field, but more importantly, he played for the Baltimore Ravens for the last four years. The last two of those were spent working under Mike Macdonald when Macdonald was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens. Macdonald is now, of course, the new head coach in Seattle.

Adding Stone on the back end of the defense would instantly improve the Seahawks' communication in the secondary. That appeared to be a negative issue the last few seasons in Seattle with missed assignments, especially on crossing patterns. Seattle should be able to sign Stone for about $12 million over two years.