Predicting the Seahawks' next four moves ahead of 2024 free agency

Seattle needs to be prepared for free agency.
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Seattle will re-work receiver Tyler Lockett's contract

This might be more of a hope than an actual logical guess. Lockett also has a bloated contract. Not that that is his fault because the Seahawks are the ones who offered him the money and he gets paid to play professional football so why would anyone say "no"? But few receivers have proved worth a cap hit of $26,895,000 and Lockett, as much as I like him as a player and person, has never been productive enough to have that cap hit.

Seattle could give Lockett an extension, however. This would allow the Seahawks to spread out Lockett's numbers over a few years which would lower his cap hit in 2024. This does push the problem that Lockett is an aging receiver that relies on quickness to get open and he had his worst season since 2017 this past year. Still, he is a good player to have in the locker room and meshes well with DK Metcalf and Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

Seahawks will release defensive tackle Bryan Mone

This is probably the easiest of all my guesses. Mone was injured in 2023, and probably could come back in 2024, but there is no way Seattle keeps him on the team on his current deal which has a cap hit of $5.89 million in 2024. Releasing him saves the team $5.39 million. The defensive tackle has never been productive enough to earn a deal of anywhere close to $5 million so the Seahawks ever offering him what they did seems, well...not smart.

Perhaps even worse, Mone is 350 pounds, and he has graded better, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), as a pass rusher. Seattle needs run-stoppers first and foremost this offseason and Mone does not fit that description.