Predicting the Seahawks' next four moves ahead of 2024 free agency

Seattle needs to be prepared for free agency.

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Seahawks will re-sign tight end Will Dissly

Dissly was a cut candidate because his contract was fairly fat. Plus, Seattle had turned Dissly into more of a glorified offensive lineman in the last two seasons instead of a tight end. He is a fantastic blocker, but in 2023 he set a career-low for any full season (any year where he played more than six games of which there are four such seasons) in targets, receptions, and receiving yards, and tied his career-low for touchdown catches. Is that Dissly's fault or the offensive scheme?

The good thing for Dissly is that the Seahawks will have a new offensive coordinator (Ryan Grubb) next season and Grubb might get the best out of Dissly. Plus, Dissly proved in his first few seasons he could catch and run. He hasn't gotten injured but he hasn't gotten as many chances to catch passes the last two years.

Dissly is still just 27 years old, however, so bringing him back after the team released him but at a lower rate would make sense (and probably make 12s happy). Seattle could probably afford to re-sign Dissly at around $4 million a season. The question is whether he gets more than that on the open market. Maybe his low receiving numbers actually help Seattle in that regard.

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