Proposed NFL kickoff rule would make Seahawks special teams even more dangerous

Jason Myers could join Michael Dickson a a major weapon

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Punter Michael Dickson already gives the Seattle Seahawks a major advantage in special teams. If the NFL adopts the proposed kickoff rules, kicker Jason Myers will join him as a major weapon.

While I can't say it's flown under the radar, the news of proposed rules changes to NFL kickoffs hasn't been the biggest news in the league, either. There have been a few stories with a bit larger impact on the league overall. Something about players in a combine, maybe? Not sure what that's all about. I mean, if a kid wants to work the family farm, let him. Seems to have worked for that Purdy guy down south.

Oh, and the Seahawks have made a bit of news on their own, too. It seems they released a few players and added a few dollars to their budget for this year. One of those moves was overdue, while the other two, while expected, still sting a bit. However, I would be remiss if I didn't remind you, dear 12s, that not so long ago, the Hawks released Geno Smith, only to re-sign him the very next day. No, it's not likely that Seattle will bring back any of the players they released today, but they certainly could do so.

The Seattle Seahawks would see a huge benefit from the kickoff changes

First, let's talk about what these proposed changes are. As reported on the league's own site, the changes are two-fold. The first changes affect onside kickoffs. The new rule proposes that teams could only attempt an onside kickoff in the fourth quarter, and only if they are trailing. I'm not a fan of taking away any strategy from a coach, even if it's a bad strategy, but, whatever.

The interesting part of the rule is that the kicking team would have to declare their intent. In exchange for giving up the surprise kick - which, let's face it, is never a surprise in those circumstances - they can kick with an unbalanced lineup, with 6 players to the one side of the kicker. I like it!