Seahawks would be enthralled with one polarizing NFL Combine standout

Seattle still needs to have this player high on their draft board.

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The 2024 NFL draft should be a fun one for 12s. With Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider fully in charge of the final roster decisions for the first time since he came to Seattle in 2010, there is no way of telling what Schneider will do in the draft. He no longer has to allow Pete Carroll to make decisions that Schneider would not otherwise do.

Schneider said at the NFL Combine that he was not proud of the fact that Seattle has only taken two quarterbacks in the draft in the previous 14 years. The GM used to know quarterbacks well, too. He was working with the Green Bay Packers when that team chose Aaron Rodgers. In 2012, Seattle took quarterback Russell Wilson, and that worked out for most of a decade.

Because Schneider has recently spoken about not taking a quarterback many times in his Seahawks career and that Seattle will probably replace Geno Smith as QB1 sooner than later, Seattle taking a QB in the 2024 draft would certainly not be surprising. In fact, taking a quarterback in the first round shouldn't be surprising either.

Seattle Seahawks should still have Michael Penix, Jr. high on their draft board

But which quarterback could Seattle take if that QB is available at pick number 16? Michigan's J.J. McCarthy could be one option, but he wasn't pinpoint accurate in his combine workout. Many assume McCarthy will need some time to sit in the NFL before potentially becoming a starter.

But another quarterback might be the perfect option for Seattle though he carries several red flags. That quarterback is Washington's Michael Penix, Jr. As opposed to McCarthy, Seattle did not speak with Penix at the combine, but there was probably no reason for the Seahawks to speak with Penix.

Penix is a polarizing figure because of his injury history and his age. While he will only be 24 years old in Week 1 of the 2024 season, that is at least a year older than most other top quarterback prospects in the 2024 class. McCarthy, for example, will only be 21. While playing for Indiana before he transferred to Washington a couple of seasons ago, Penix tore his right ACL twice and also injured both his shoulders.

Penix also is left-handed which many teams do not like. The reason is that offensive lines are built with having a potentially great left tackle because he would block the blindside of a right-handed quarterback. With a left-hander, the right tackle becomes a bit more important.

But Penix has been doing everything correctly recently. He was extremely efficient and productive the last two seasons for Washington and led his team to the college football championship game. He has an electric arm and throws with extreme accuracy. There is no throw Penix cannot make and he does so with ease. He also looked mobile enough to get out of trouble when needed.

At the combine, Penix participated in the throwing portion, which was as good, if not better, than every other quarterback. He also has great hand size (10.5 inches) and is better than others such as McCarthy. Big hands normally mean great spin and velocity on the ball. Plus, he would be able to hold on to the ball better in the wet conditions of Seattle.

That last is key and a reason the Seahawks did not need to interview Michael Penix, Jr. at the NFL Combine. His offensive coordinator at Washington, Ryan Grubb, is now the OC for the Seahawks. No team is going to know Penix better than Seattle does. If, as many pundits believe, Penix falls into the second round, Seattle should find a way of trading back into that round and choose Penix.

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