Proposed statue of Seahawks great would be perfect at entrance of Lumen Field

Seattle has a Ring of Honor but the team should put up this proposed statue at the front of Lumen Field.
Lumen Field and the Seattle Seahawks
Lumen Field and the Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have been in business since 1976. In that time, the team has been to three Super Bowls and they have won one. Seattle has not had long stretches of being putrid, but they have had sustained runs of being mediocre.

The good part is that for most of this century, the Seahawks have been really good. All three Super Bowl runs have come in the last twenty seasons. Some teams with long histories have not been to any Super Bowls, including the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns. 12s likely feel a bit fortunate to root for a team with some high-end recent success.

Does the team have some issues? Of course. No one expects Seattle to make a run for a championship in 2024. The team brought in Mike Macdonald to be the new head coach, and first-time first-year coaches do not win Super Bowls immediately. Maybe 2025 could be different.

Seattle Seahawks putting a statue of Pete Carroll at the entrance to Lumen Field would make perfect sense

While former head coach Pete Carroll is gone, he will never be forgotten. He could have won two championships with the Seahawks, but he at least won one. He is the team's all-time winningest head coach and a lot of the best players in franchise history became so good because they played for Carroll. While there is no Legion of Boom without Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, there is also no LOB without Carroll.

Next. Pete Carroll has an advisory role for only one reason. Pete Carroll has an advisory role for only one reason. dark

That is why a hypothetical statue of Carroll created by someone on social media makes a lot of sense. Who knows who created the picture - anyone could - but there are possibly a lot of 12s who would like the idea of Carroll being immortalized in such a way. Not now, of course, as that would be unfair to Macdonald, but in a few years. Seattle cannot claim a Super Bowl victory without Pete Carroll.

The one issue with the statue pictured above is, well...where is the gum? Also, Carroll looks a bit more weathered than he did when he was coaching the team. Otherwise, the idea is good. Plus, how does one show someone chewing gum with a statue?

Let's just hope that if the Seahawks do decide to put up a statue of Carroll, they do so in the next few years and not wait 20. That way Carroll can come to the ceremony himself, if he chooses to do so. But then after the bronze Pete is put in place, 12s likely need one of Marshawn Lynch jumping backward into an imaginary end zone as well.

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