3 reasons it was good for Seahawks not to splurge in 2024 free agency

Discover why Seattle's decision to avoid big spending in the 2024 free agency was a smart move.
Seattle Seahawks Rookie Minicamp
Seattle Seahawks Rookie Minicamp / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The Seattle Seahawks are entering a new era as they begin the season with a new head coach, Mike Macdonald, who has taken over from the legendary Pete Carroll. Carroll, who led the team to numerous playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory, leaves big shoes to fill.

However, Macdonald, known for his defensive acumen and innovative strategies, is ready to embrace the challenge. Despite the inevitable adjustments that come with a coaching change, the Seahawks have chosen a conservative approach in free agency, opting not to spend big.

While this might have been the norm in previous years, 2023 was different. Seattle was aggressive in free agency. Many 12s might have thought the team would be again in 2024. Here are three reasons why Seattle being conservative was good.

Seahawks need to continue building through the draft

One of the primary reasons the Seahawks refrained from splurging in free agency is their commitment to building a strong foundation through the draft. The NFL draft remains one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire young, talented players who can contribute immediately and grow with the team. Seattle has a history of finding gems in the draft, with players like Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Bobby Wagner exemplifying their success in identifying and developing talent.

By focusing on the draft, Seattle can address multiple needs across the roster without compromising their financial flexibility. This approach allows them to maintain a balanced salary cap and avoid overpaying for free agents who may not provide long-term value. Additionally, drafting and developing players fosters a sense of loyalty and continuity within the team, as these players often feel a stronger connection to the organization that gave them their first opportunity.

In the recent draft, Seattle targeted key positions of need, selecting players who can make an immediate impact. They focused on bolstering both the offensive and defensive lines, adding depth to the secondary, and securing promising offensive weapons. This infusion of young talent is expected to complement the existing core and help the team remain competitive in the challenging NFC West.