3 pros and 2 cons to the Seahawks moving on from Pete Carroll

Seattle is currently looking for a new head coach.
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Why the Seahawks were wrong

I'm sure you can come up with more reasons that the organization made the right decision to move on from Carroll. The fact that he said the Hawks were on the right course could certainly be considered as another validation for Ms. Allen. The results of the last three seasons don't support Carroll's assessment. So, time to move. Or, maybe not. There are even more reasons to say that the Hawks made the move too soon.

The record: Yeah, we've already done this one, right? But let's look at the man's complete record. Or, let's just let the NFL do it for us:

As Brock Huard tweeted, the league has had 122 other head coaches during Pete Carroll's 14 years in Seattle. In the NFC West alone, the Rams have seen four coaches, the 49ers five (and one of those twice), and the Cardinals are on their fifth coach as well. There's a lot to be said for stability, my dear 12s. Look at what the Seahawks went through in the 14 years before Pete arrived. Ooo, just three coaches, and Jim Mora only had one year. Maybe Seattle appreciates stability.

The drafts: Oops, here we are again. The draft is one reason that Carroll's position has evolved into an advisory role. The draft was pretty hit or miss for a few years there, absolutely. But even in those rough years I mentioned above, the Hawks pulled a few gems. Malik McDowell, yikes.

But the Seahawks drafted Ethan Pocic in that same round, along with Shaquill Griffin. Of course, they added David Moore and Chris Carson in the seventh round that year. Will Dissly and Michael Dickson were steals in the next draft, as was DK Metcalf in 2019.

Clearly there's a lot to like from 2020 on. Charles Cross, Abe Lucas and Riq Woolen stumbled this year, but all have been battling injuries. We'll see how they bounce back in 2024. Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba both looked worthy of their draft status by season's end. Was that more of John's influence, or Pete's?

The bottom line is, Carroll signed off on the picks. We don't even have to go back to the drafts from 2010 -2012, do we? Okung, Thomas, Chancellor, Wright, Sherman, Wagner, Wilson. They won't all make it, but you can argue that each of those players are Hall of Famers. Two of them were taken in the fifth round. So, yeah, Pete Carroll can draft.