3 pros and 2 cons to the Seahawks moving on from Pete Carroll

Seattle is currently looking for a new head coach.

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The biggest reason that the Hawks jumped too soon

It's a truism in every field of endeavor: you don't fix a problem by introducing another problem. Right now, the Seattle Seahawks have a problem they didn't have on January 9th: they don't have a head coach. Oh, there are plenty of candidates; that's not a problem at all. That is the very core of the problem. There are too many candidates, and many of them would be the worst choice for the organization.

Two names that stand out so far are Dan Quinn and Jim Harbaugh. I can see the pros and cons of both. Of course, there will be pros and cons for any candidate, just as there were when Carroll's future was decided. And that's the crux of the problem. The Seahawks don't have the perfect solution to their problem. Quinn's defense looked great with the Cowboys, and he was rock-solid as the DC in Seattle, of course. But as we saw in his tenure as the Falcon's head coach, there's a world of difference between running the defense and running the entire team.

Harbaugh has the better track record by far. But the Niners moved on from him almost 10 years ago because he wanted to be the final authority. That doesn't exactly fit with what Jody Allen apparently wants for the Seahawks, now does it? Plus, Pete has a Super Bowl ring; Harbaugh doesn't. Harbaugh has a college national title; Carroll has two. So how is Harbaugh better?

Overall, I agree that it was time for the Hawks to move on. I also agree that they did so in the best possible way. Carroll needs to remain a part of this organization for as long as he desires. As he showed at his press conference, the man is still fueled by the desire to achieve greatness. More importantly, he's driven to help others achieve their own greatness. The Xs and Os may have passed Pete Carroll, but that drive and desire will always be there. The Seahawks will always need that.

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