5 QBs who could be Seahawks Week 1 starter in 2024 with Geno Smith struggling

Seattle could look to sign a veteran as a bridge to the team's next long-term quarterback or they could find a QB in the 2024 NFL draft that would start immediately.
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J.J. McCarthy
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3. Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy

So, let's start looking forward to the future and that future begins in 2024. Does starting a rookie next year with such a young team make sense? Yes, long-term. Seattle would have a bunch of talent still on their rookie contracts and also have a rookie quarterback under the same. That would give the team a lot of cap flexibility well into the future.

Lots of the possibilities for Seattle at quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft depends on how the team finishes this year. Last year, Seattle finished 9-8 and had the 20th pick in the 2023 draft. A 9-8 record could be realistic for this year, too. The Seahawks are currently 5-3, but face four games in a row where they play the 49ers (twice), the Eagles, and Cowboys. Let's assume by Week 16, Seattle is 7-7 and the team hopes it can win two of the final three games. That would make them 9-8 again.

McCarthy has several good attributes, though he might even fall into the early second round as the quarterback class in 2024 is deep and good (Pro Football Focus - subscription required - currently has McCarthy at number 35 on their draft big board and that is sixth among quarterbacks). The Michigan quarterback has good height at 6'4" but he needs to add some girth to help protect from the NFL-type pounding he will receive.

He has a very good arm and he can move around pretty well. McCarthy has also been well-coached at Michigan and the Wolverines run a pro-set so McCarthy is likely a little more NFL-ready than most other college quarterbacks. While he doesn't turn the ball over much, he still needs to perfect his touch on deep passes.