Quandre Diggs' favorite player in the NFL might surprise Seahawks fans

Diggs is currently a free agent after being released by Seattle this offseason.

Conor Courtney/GettyImages

Quandre Diggs is no longer with the Seattle Seahawks, of course. He was released by the team this offseason due to his contract. One could make the argument that he also was not as productive this past season as he had been in the previous three seasons, but he did not look like he was completely done playing in the league. He might eventually end up back with Seattle.

Diggs was, however, a well-respected teammate. So much so that he was voted as a captain in 2023. He seemed to play with poise and did not let emotions get the best of him as did his safety partner Jamal Adams seemingly did. The odd part is that there have been more rumors about Adams coming back to play for Seattle than Diggs.

But Diggs has continued to show what a respectful teammate he is this offseason. He made a point of saying he was not ruling out coming back to the team after a troll on social media had lied and said he spoke with Diggs and Diggs stated he would not return to the Seahawks because he felt disrespected by the team and by 12s. You cannot believe everything you read on social media and hopefully, that is not a surprise to you.

Quandre Diggs says his favorite player is Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III

But Diggs has not been quiet on social media either. He recently proclaimed on X/Twitter who "probably" is his favorite player in the league and that player is a current Seahawk. And no, it isn't another defender or a wide receiver that Diggs was lined up across in practice many times.

Instead, Diggs said that running back Kenneth Walker III is likely his favorite player. Walker did not exactly have the breakout year that many Seahawks fans might have hoped from him in 2023, but that also could have been the failing scheme of former offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Waldron threw the ball too much - Seattle threw the ball the fifth-most in the league last season. Had Walker been used more, the offense probably would have been more efficient.

The hope is that Diggs' favorite player will get a lot more touches in 2024 with new OC Ryan Grubb in charge. Walker will probably have his best season next year. Heck, maybe even Diggs re-signs in Seattle and has a good look at Walker's production.

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