Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald just kicked the door wide open on Jamal Adams rumor

Will Adams return to Seattle?
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Mike Macdonald fielded questions on Tuesday at the NFL's annual owner's meeting and his answers mostly were not of the boring, Mike McCarthy/Bill Belichick-types. Instead of hollow grunts or talking mostly about fundamentals and other blandness, Macdonald gave thoughtful and open answers to many questions. Since this was his first appearance at the owner's meetings as the Seattle Seahawks head coach, maybe he has not learned to hold back yet.

Among many questions and answers, Macdonald heavily implied that Seattle is going to make another move to sign a veteran interior offensive lineman. Possibly someone like guard Laken Tomlinson who was released by the New York Jets in early March. This is greatly needed as the way Seattle's offensive line is currently designed is, well...quite bad.

Macdonald said the offensive line was a "work in progress" and the team wasn't done rebuilding the line (after losing veteran guard Damien Lewis in free agency) by "any stretch of the imagination." The coach said he and general manager John Schneider were still finding "who the right opportunities are to make the team the best we can."

Mike Macdonald still open to the Seattle Seahawks re-signing Jamal Adams

But perhaps the subject that most 12s wanted to hear about from Macdonald is if there was any possibility of Jamal Adams returning. Adams has been a divisive figure among Seahawks fans mostly because of his injury history, but this past season he also had some run-ins that one might not have liked. He posted a photo of a New York Jets reporter's wife along with a disparaging remark. Adams also left his team (or stayed home) ahead of the Week 15 game against the Philadelphia Eagles after being told he wasn't going to play.

The question is why bring Adams back if one might safely assume he will constantly be hurt? Maybe Adams is due for a healthy stretch, but there is no evidence to suggest that. He has missed more games since 2020, the year he was traded to the Seahawks, than he has played.

Could Seattle bring back Adams? They are already paying him $20 million to not play on the team after the safety was released prior to the free agency period beginning. Why not bring him back for something close to $1 million? Of course, doing that means he is taking up a roster spot that a presumably healthier player might have.

Instead of eschewing any rumors of a potential return to the team by Jamal Adams, Macdonald seemingly praised the player. The coach even implied a different position might help Adams and the team. That position is linebacker.

Macdonald told reporters when asked if the team has considered re-signing Adams, "Again, we love Jamal. And if it's the right opportunity (to bring him back), I think we would jump at it...he's a guy we respect a ton...great blitzer, he can play's the linebacker skill set and allow that kind of manifests itself."

One might question Macdonald saying Adams can capable play man-to-man coverage, of course. The safety and potential linebacker has not been good in coverage. Still, if any coach could likely get the best out of Adams it is Mike Macdonald who knows how to put players in their best situations to succeed. The fact remains that Adams being re-signed by the Seahawks is a very real possibility.

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