3 quarterbacks Seahawks should target (and 2 they should avoid) in 2024 NFL draft

Seattle could find Geno Smith's replacement in the 2024 NFL draft.

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Avoid: Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

Rattler is a bit like Joe Milton only there were some alleged character issues with Rattler in college and Milton seems like a stand-up guy. Rattler appears to have interviewed well at the combine, though, and has stayed out of trouble since transferring to South Carolina from Oklahoma. He does have great arm strength and at times appears to be capable of being an elite quarterback, but he is extremely inconsistent.

This does not seem like an easy mechanical fix, however. Rattler's ups and downs seem to come from his focus and his questionable on-field decision-making. The quarterback's best season in college also may have come several years ago in 2020 when he was still with the Sooners. While he hasn't thrown a large number of interceptions, his touchdown percentage was also relatively low for a presumably high-end college quarterback.

Target: Michael Penix, Jr., Washington

I know there are many who do not want Penix coming to the Seahawks. I am not completely sure why. Did he have an injury history early in college when he was still at Indiana? Yes. He didn't after he transferred to Washington, though. There should also be no question as to whether he has an NFL arm because he most certainly does and one that would rival anyone in the league.

He also has large hands which should mean consistently high velocity and the ability to hold on to the ball in damp conditions. Penix knows how to play in Seattle since he went to school at U-Dub. He wasn't perfect in the college football championship game but he was also under a lot of pressure and few quarterbacks operate well under pressure. Penix is also 24 so that is an issue, but he could be ready to play sooner rather than later.

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