Ranking the Seattle Seahawks amongst other 6-4 NFL teams

Entering the most important stretch of the season, the Seattle Seahawks currently sit in 2nd place of the NFC West. See where they rank amongst the other 6-4 teams in the NFL.

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With Week 12 on the horizon and December right around the corner, there becomes no margin for error on Sundays. Especially, for teams who have playoff aspirations. For the Seattle Seahawks, their Thanksgiving showdown with the San Francisco 49ers has big implications. Entering the toughest stretch of the season, these next four games will ultimately determine whether or not the Seahawks have a shot of winning the division, or, even making the playoffs.

When examining the current state of the Seahawks, it got me thinking, how do they rank amongst teams in the playoff race? Given the NFC is a little weaker in terms of the Wild Card race, I furthered my thinking to teams who share the same record as Seattle: Pittsburgh Steelers & Houston Texans.

Two teams who have exceeded the expectations of most at this point of the season. In ranking these teams, I judge them based on performance, the best chance of winning the division, and making playoffs.

Ranking the Seattle Seahawks amongst other 6-4 NFL teams

. 6-4. . 1. Ranking 6-4 Teams: Texans. . 2nd in AFC South | 6th in AFC. . . 10

Week 12 Matchup: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3)

Remaining Schedule: vs. Denver Broncos (5-5), @ New York Jets (4-6), @ Tennessee Titans (3-7), vs. Cleveland Browns (7-3), vs. Tennessee Titans (3-7), vs. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

Absolutely no one saw the Houston Texans having the year they currently are. First-time head coach DeMeco Ryans has immediately changed the culture in Houston. Rookie QB C.J. Stroud isn't only a lock for Offensive Rookie of the Year, but he is making headway in the MVP race. He is second in the NFL in passing yards (2,962), with one less game played and 87 fewer pass attempts than Sam Howell, who is ranked 1st.

With a huge game this weekend against Jacksonville for first place in the AFC South, I'd say Houston has the best shot of winning their division out of the three 6-4 teams. Although divisional games are always tricky, the Texans have an easier schedule remaining than the Jaguars. If they do not win the AFC South, I really like their chances of being a Wild Card team.

. 2. . 36. Ranking 6-4 Teams: Seahawks. 2nd in NFC West | 6th in NFC. 6-4. . .

Week 12 Matchup: vs. San Francisco 49ers (7-3)

Remaining Schedule: @ Dallas Cowboys (7-3), @ San Francisco 49ers (7-3), vs. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1), @ Tennessee Titans (3-7), vs, Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4), @ Arizona Cardinals (2-9)

Of the three teams, I'd argue the Seattle Seahawks are the most talented. About three weeks ago, it felt as if the Seahawks were peaking at the right time. But, after losing two of their last three, they are now tasked with figuring things out during the toughest stretch of their season. It feels offensively that Seattle is in the midst of figuring out who they are and how to incorporate everyone. Defensively, they've had their lumps, but it's the necessary growing pains that a young team must go through.

Being the most penalized team in the NFL, Seattle needs to stop the self-inflicted wounds. Like Houston, in Week 12, they will be playing for the division lead. A win will quiet all the noise. A loss will have the critics raising the volume on their downfall. Unfortunately, the timing of this game comes on a short week with key injuries to Kenneth Walker III and Geno Smith. Nonetheless, I do like Seattle's chances of making the playoffs.

6-4. . . . 3. 55. . 3rd in AFC North | 7th in AFC. . Ranking 6-4 Teams: Steelers

Week 12 Matchup: @ Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)

Remaining Schedule: vs. Arizona Cardinals (2-9), vs. New England Patriots (2-8), @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5), vs. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5), @ Seattle Seahawks (6-4), @ Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

It is quite amazing how the Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-4. Despite having the 5th worst scoring offense in the NFL, scoring 16.6 points per game, the Steelers are currently a Wild Card team. Maybe the firing of offensive coordinator, Matt Canada, will give them a boost. Or, it's also plausible to think that they do not have the right quarterback.

I expect their Week 12 matchup to be very similar to that of last Sunday. An ugly, low scoring game. Even though Joe Burrow is sidelined for the remainder of the season, I would not be shocked if the Bengals won this game. Although they have a favorable remaining schedule, I do not see the Steelers winning the division nor making the playoffs. However, I do expect Mike Tomlin's impressive streak of finishing .500 or above to continue.

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