5 reasons Seahawks fans should be excited about Ryan Grubb's offense

New Seahawks offensive coordinator spoke to the media on Monday and had some really encouraging comments about the offense.
Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb
Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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No. 2 - The Seahawks quarterbacks are "freakin' awesome"

Heading into 2024, there were whispers of the team moving on from Geno Smith. Obviously, that was not the case, as Seattle retained Smith. However, pundits alike still predicted Seattle would draft Smith's eventual replacement in April's draft. But the Seahawks traded for former Washington Commanders starting QB Sam Howell in March, giving Seattle a promising young quarterback to develop under the tutelage of both Ryan Grubb and Geno Smith.

Grubb sang the praises of both quarterbacks on Monday, calling out their diligence and intelligence in picking up the new offense. It's also encouraging to hear that both Smith and Howell are becoming locker room leaders individually. It's not that surprising that Smith and Howell have a healthy relationship and are rooting for each other because it is not that dissimilar from what we saw with Smith and Drew Lock over the last few seasons.

Both guys appear to be team-oriented, and while both guys are surely chomping at the bit to start and play reps with the first team, both quarterbacks understand it's a team game and are buying into the culture of "team first". There's reason to be excited because when both quarterbacks are rooting for each other, it's a healthy locker room, which leads to efficient and productive play on the field. If Howell does end up playing in 2024, for whatever reason, having the confidence of the team as well as your fellow quarterback could be a massive boost to Sam Howell's development.

No. 3 - Charles Cross and Laken Tomlinson are setting the tone on the left side of the offensive line

One individual player that all Seahawks fans would like to see a big leap forward from this season is Charles Cross, the ninth overall pick from two years ago. Cross was a solid rookie left tackle in 2022, but really plateaued last season amidst a season of flashes, mistakes, and overall average play. To live up to his top-10 selection and to solidify his status as a franchise left tackle, Cross absolutely leap forward in 2024. And it sounds like he's making a good start.

Ryan Grubb, when asked about the status of the offensive line thus far in OTA's, gave a not-so-great answer, stating they "have a little ways to go". That's not necessarily the worst thing in the world considering it's a fairly new group learning a totally new system in a setting that doesn't allow for full contact.

However, Grubb did allude to the fact both Charles Cross and newly-signed veteran guard Laken Tomlinson have shown positive continuity, building a mesh on the left side of the line -- Geno's blindside. There are other question marks on the offensive line but knowing that Charles Cross is standing out while building a nice rapport on the left side of the line should be very encouraging for fans.