Sam Howell obviously not content backing up Geno Smith for Seahawks

Howell does not want to be happy backing up Smith for Seattle. He wants to play.
Sam Howell of the Seattle Seahawks
Sam Howell of the Seattle Seahawks / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The word "content" can be misleading. By definition, the word means satisfied. There is also an implication that while being satisfied, one can still seek greater happiness. This is seemingly where Seattle Seahawks quarterback Sam Howell resides.

Howell is 23 years old and has a year of starting experience in the NFL. In 2024, the expectation is that he will go back to being a backup. Geno Smith will be QB1 in Seattle and Howell QB2. Smith has been a solid starter for Seattle the last two years and is presumed to be the starter even though the Seahawks have a new offensive coaching staff.

But make no mistake Howell wants to play. That is how it should be. Professional athletes are high-end competitors. Being a backup at 23 after being a starter? No quarterback wants that.

Sam Howell not content to just be a backup for the Seattle Seahawks

According to Tim Booth of the Associated Press, Howell is happy to work with Smith and has learned a lot from the veteran, but Howell is not going to stop competing every day for a starting spot. Howell told Booth, "In this league to be able to play, you’ve got to compete and that’s what I’m willing to do, no matter what the situation is, no matter who the starter is. If I’m the starter, I’m coming to compete every single day."

This might seemingly be an issue in the Seahawks locker room, but it shouldn't. Geno Smith would probably not expect anything from Howell other than the young quarterback wanting to take his job. Smith has been in the league too long to think otherwise. Smith also probably understands that Howell having the kind of mentality that he is worthy of being a starter is the proper mindset should Howell be forced into starting.

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Drew Lock in 2023 likely also thought he should be a starter. He got a chance to start two games for Seattle after Smith sustained an injury. Lock was better than most expected in those starts and Lock left this offseason to join the New York Giants with an idea he could become QB1 there.

This is, of course, what athletes do. They want to be the best at what they do and approach tasks without any thought that they should not be the best. Sam Howell might not overtake Geno Smith for QB1 at the beginning of 2024, but he is also not going to be content simply being a backup. And who knows? In 2025, Howell could be the starter in Seattle.

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