3 safeties Seattle Seahawks can draft to replace Jamal Adams

Mike Macdonald ran more three safety sets than any defensive coach in the NFL in 2023.

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Tyler Nubin, Minnesota

There is not much to dislike about Tyler Nubin. Potentially the only concern is his outright speed, but if a player knows how to use technique correctly, a safety can limit any problems in that aspect. That is what Quandre Diggs was able to do for the Seahawks from 2019 through 2022 (Diggs was not quite as productive in 2023) as Diggs is fast but does not have elite speed and was still in the position to force so many turnovers. Nubin might basically be a younger, slightly more athletic, version of Diggs.

Nubin also has a high football IQ seemingly instinctively knowing what a receiver is going to do before they know. He is able to put himself into positions to break passes up or, even better, intercept the pass. In 2023, Nubin allowed only 6 of the 20 passes thrown his way to be completed and while 2 of those went for touchdowns, he also had 5 interceptions. His quarterback rating allowed was just 39.6.

Nubin also might mirror Diggs in that while Nubin can be moved around a bit, he is more of a deep safety with his ability to read quarterbacks and snuff out explosive plays. He is also a solid tackler who missed on just six of 64 chances last year. Adding Nubin to a mix of Love and Jenkins under the direction of Mike Macdonald could give Seattle one of the best safety trios in the league.

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