3 safeties Seattle Seahawks can draft to replace Jamal Adams

Mike Macdonald ran more three safety sets than any defensive coach in the NFL in 2023.

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Javon Bullard, Georgia

Bullard's raw physical numbers will not impress compared to some other safeties. But what Bullard brings to a team cannot be measured in his 40 time and proves to be more valuable. Bullard is a natural leader who plays fearlessly and will do whatever it takes to help his team win. This is why Georgia coach Kirby Smart loved having him on the field as Bullard would set an example for the rest of the team.

Bullard, like Hicks, also has the ability to play in a number of different spots and do so very well. This helps a defense disguise what they are doing as Bullard could initially line up in the slot before moving back before the snap. While he does not have blazing speed, he is extremely quick so he can readjust after the snap to get into the proper position. With Love and Jenkins playing behind him, Bullard would be able to attack running backs or play tight coverage with tight ends.

Bullard was moved around at Georgia, but how he was is a clear indication that the coaching staff trusted him fully. In 2022, he played on 624 snaps with 510 coming in the slot. Last year, when he was just as excellently effective, he played on 596 snaps but 362 of them came in deep coverage and just 144 in the slot.

Bullard did not allow a touchdown pass last season, though he did pick off two passes. He also allowed an astonishingly low 34.0 pass rating. Only 14 of the 26 passes thrown in his direction were completed.