Seattle Seahawks: 15 greatest players in franchise history

The Seahawks have had a number of good teams in their history and some excellent players. But these are the 15 best players overall.
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Quarterback. . . Russell Wilson. . 6. Wilson. . . 36

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson played with Seattle from 2012 through 2021

Finally! A player that 12s are not at all conflicted about. Am I right? OK, I am clearly joking. And since this slide is about how Russell Wilson is one of the best players in the history of the Seattle Seahawks, the slide will be mostly positive. And it should be because Wilson was mostly excellent during his time as the Seahawks starting quarterback.

Wilson holds most of the passing records in franchise history and most of the numbers are not close. So here we go. With the Seahawks, Wilson had 37,059 yards passing (second-best is Hasselbeck with 29,434), he had 292 touchdown passes (next-best is Dave Krieg with 195), Wilson is the only quarterback with more than one year of starting experience to have a career quarterback rating over 100, Wilson led the team to 32 game-winning drives (next best is Krieg with 19). Mostly importantly, Wilson was QB1 in 104 of the Seahawks victories, and next best was Krieg with 70.

Wilson was so good around 2015 that the team decided to change its offensive identity from one that ran the ball quite a bit to one that threw the ball a lot more. Long-term that transition can be debated as to whether it made the team better, but Wilson also awarded the team with a 34-8 touchdown-to-interception ration in 2015.

Wilson made the Pro Bowl nine times with Seattle. He was second-team All-Pro in 2019. Wilson's legacy will long be debated by 12s in the way he left the team and what he said about the franchise after he left, but there is no arguing Wilson is the best quarterback in franchise history.