Seattle Seahawks: 15 greatest players in franchise history

The Seahawks have had a number of good teams in their history and some excellent players. But these are the 15 best players overall.
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. 7. Defensive end. . . 36. Green. . Jacob Green.

Seahawks DE Jacob Green played for Seattle from 1980 through 1991

Like Dave Brown, Green played at a time when he should have gotten more respect. His production was just astonishing. He made only two Pro Bowls (1986 and 1987), however and he was also sixth in the Associated Press' Defensive Rookie of the Year voting in 1980. Green played 12 of his 13 NFL seasons with Seattle from 1980 through 1991.

Between 1981 and 1988, Green had at least 9 sacks in each season he was healthy in. That said, there was only one season he was injured and that was in 1982. Except for 1982, between 1981 and 1986, Green had at least 12 sacks every year with a high of 16 in 1983. Still, he somehow didn't make the Pro Bowl though he finished third in the league in sacks.

Green did have a few oddities in his career. He had 3 interceptions, and 2 of them he returned for touchdowns. On one he went for 73 yards. He also returned 2 fumbles for touchdowns as well. Scoring 4 touchdowns from a defensive end position is no small feat.

Green dominates the Seahawks' all-time sack list. He had 115.5 with Seattle. The next best is Michael Sinclair with 73.5. Green is also fourth all-time with 17 fumble recoveries, but he leads all defensive players in the category (the top three are all silly quarterbacks who like to pick up their own fumbles). Green was one of the best defensive line players in the 1980s and might be the most underappreciated of them all.