Seattle Seahawks 2023 practice squad tracker: Live updates and analysis

The Seahawks have set their 2023 active 53-man roster and now we know who is completing the practice squad.
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The Seattle Seahawks made their final roster decisions on Tuesday to get down to the required 53. There were notable surprises - both good and bad - when final cuts were made. According to reports, Seattle's practice squad is being completed.

NFL rosters are not really about 70 players anyway. There are the 53 players that are active, plus up to 16 more on the practice squad. Practice squad guys can be activated on game days, but players on the 53-man roster need to be moved around a bit. (OK, 53 on the active roster and up to 16 on the practice squad equals 69, I get it.)

My point is that the players on the practice squad could play big roles at some point in the season. And well, they likely will. Players unfortunately get hurt, and many times practice squad players replace them. In essence, the practice squad works like a AAA team of a major league baseball team - the practice squad is the Tacoma Rainiers to the Seahawks' Mariners, if you will. This is who has been reported to have been signed to the Seahawks practice squad so far.

Seattle Seahawks 2023 practice squad tracker

Receiver Easop Winston, Jr. signs to the practice squad

I really like this signing. Winston has experience in the NFL and showed good hands in the preseason. If he needs to be elevated to the active roster at some point in the season, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Receiver Cade Johnson returns

Johnson is a a perfect practice squad player. Who knows if he will ever catch nay passes, though. He could do decent things on special teams.

Offensive tackle Greg Eiland comes back

Eiland would probably be OK if he had to get some resp in real games. He's not a starter, but that isn't the expectation.

Center Joey Hunt seems to be a life-long Seahawk

Hunt has been with Seattle - off and on - since, and I kid you not, 2016. He knows any offense Seattle would run. He will probably be a coach one day.

Edge rusher Levi Bell finds an NFL home

Levi Bell is a high-energy, high-motor guy. He definitely won't give up on any plays. He's not the tallest of edge rushers, but he does have a ton of lower-body strength.

Linebacker Patrick O'Connell comes back to the Seahawks

O'Connell was really active in the late-preseason, especially against the run. He's a pure inside linebacker and there was simply no room for him on the active roster. He might find his way into some games, however.

Safety Ty Okada returns

Like O'Connell, there was just no space for Okada on the active roster. Seattle is fairly deep at safety. Also, like O'Connell, Okada played college in the state of Montana and Seattle seems to like those kinds of guys.

Nose guard Matt Gotel announces himself he is coming back to the Seahawks

I really liked what Gotel did in Seattle's final preseason game. He is a large man at 340 pounds and not easy to move. He should find some real reps in real games at some point in 2023.

Tight end Tyler Mabry back with the Seahawks

Mabry seems to have started every year since 1976 on the Seahawks practice squad. He scored a touchdown in a real game last year for Seattle in 2022, though. His teammates really like him so good things happen to good people.

Quarterback Holton Ahlers reportedly signs with Seahawks

Ahlers might play a much bigger role than just being the practice squad quarterback. Because the NFL now has a rule that a QB3 can be on the sidelines during games in case QB1 and QB2 get hurt, Ahlers could actually get some playing time in 2023. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Seahawks keep running backs Bryant Koback and SaRodorick Thompson

Koback and Thompson were decent in the preseason. They've got some power. No wiggle, though.

Seahawks bring back cornerbacks Artie Burns and Lance Boykin

Burns was on the initial 53-man roster but he was released on Wednesday when Seattle made a couple of other signings. Boykin is a developmental player. Neither will likely get starter reps in the regular season.

Seahawks sign wide receiver Matt Landers

Landers has all the raw ability to be really good. But he cannot seem to run routes and his hands are questionable. That means he will probably be a 1,000-yard receiver for some other team one day.

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