All Seahawks fans need to know about the 2023 NFL schedule release

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The NFL schedule will be released on Thursday at 5 pm PT. The Seattle Seahawks will know their full schedule of when they will play and where, and 12s can make their travel plans to go to games. Seattle has known its opponents since the end of the 2022 season, but just not when they will play those teams.

Prior to the full schedule being released, though, there will be a bit of chaos as the different networks that carry in-season games will announce select games starting Wednesday. FOX will announce a few games on Fox and Friends and CBS will announce games on CBS Mornings on Wednesday. On Thursday, NBC will announce select games on the Today Show and ABC will announce some games on Good Morning America.

All the games this year are free to go to any network. Before NFC games were slated for FOX and AFC games for CBS, for the most part. But with a new TV package (no more DirectTV but say hello to YouTube TV for the Sunday Ticket package) there are lots of changes.

Seattle Seahawks will know their 2023 schedule on Thursday

One is that starting in Week 12, Monday Night Football games can be flexed. This might mean if you plan on going to a Seahawks game on a Sunday, it might end up being on a Monday. No teams are guaranteed prime-time spots, though, so as successful as the Seahawks have been since 2010, it makes sense for them to be on prime time at least once.

Teams can also be on Thursday Night Football twice, whereas before teams appeared there just once. Amazon will still carry the Thursday games. Personally, Thursday games are just weird and I’d prefer for the Seahawks to play on Sundays or Mondays.

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There will be tons of ways to watch the full schedule unveiling. You can stream the release on NFL Network apps. There will be a show on YouTube and the NFL Channel starting at 5 pm PT as well. ESPN will have a two-hour show on ESPN and ESPN2, if you want to watch there.